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Ian Tully: Future Farming the Mars Project - Art Gallery is currently closed until further notice

Ian Tully is an artist who lives in Moulamein in the border region between News South Wales and Victoria. This exhibition stems from his upbringing on the family farm and includes sculptures, photographs and video works.

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Renewable Energy Art Award Touring Exhibition - Central Goldfields Art Gallery Closed until further notice

Ten artists across the Loddon Mallee region have created works of art inspired by their vision of a renewable energy future. Georgia MacGuire from Central Goldfields is one of the exhibition artists.

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'Reflections' Small Works from the Tiny Towns - Resource Centre is closed until further notice

The official opening at 2pm, Wednesday March 18th, at the Maryborough Resource Centre. A POP UP display offering the Central Arts collective welcoming entries for this exhibition of Tiny Art Works from the Tiny Towns.

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Maryborough Walking Trails

Looking to escape outdoors, away from the crowds to exercise and take your mind off things?  Maryborough has excellent walking trails and experiences to offer! Keep yourself fit and explore our natural and historic features.

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Outdoor Activities

There is no greater place for kids of all ages to enjoy than nature's playground, and the Central Goldfields has beauty, excitement, adventure and relaxation on offer in equal measure.

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Supporting Local Business

During these difficult and challenging times, our local businesses are adapting under adversity, continuing to service the Central Goldfields Shire.

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Cycle the Central Goldfields

It doesn't matter if you're a lean mean road rider, an adrenaline-seeking mountain biker, or a relaxed family with a good old treadie each. There is no better place to get on two wheels and see the sights than through the Central Goldfields.

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Historical Town Walk

As the traditional home of the Dja Dja Wurrung people, Maryborough and Surrounds has a long and fascinating history.

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Aboriginal Culture

Well before European settlers arrived in the Central Goldfields during the 1840s, the area was home to the Dja Dja Wurrung clan. They refer to the region as Tuaggra and many sacred sites in the area are recognised by and for the vast Indigenous history the Central Goldfields celebrates.

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Gold Prospecting & Detecting

The Central Goldfields has been famous for its alluvial gold for over 150 years. Of the 40 nuggets weighing over 18 kilograms recorded in Australia, 32 of them have been discovered in Central Victoria.

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