EUROGLIDERS - the Perth Powerhouse of '80s new wave and pop-rock! This Australian sensation led by the dynamic duo Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch, skyrocketed to fame with their chart-topping hit "Heaven (Must Be There)". Known for Knight's soulful vocals and Lynch's electrifying guitar, Eurogliders created waves that echoed through the decade.

Following their explosive breakthrough, Eurogliders continued to captivate audiences with albums like "Absolutely!" (1985) and "Pink Suit Blue Day" (1988).

Step into the iconic soundscape of Eurogliders – where every note is a journey and every beat is a celebration. Relive the magic that defined an era and experience the essence of Australian music history with Eurogliders!

Playing LIVE at The Highland - tickets are just $40 per person, with meals starting 6pm and the show kicking off at 8:45pm.

Bookings required: HERE

Maryborough Highland Society
35 High Street, Maryborough VIC 3465
08:45pm - 11:00pm
$40 per person
035461 1480