• Possum Gully Fine Art Studio


Possum Gully Gallery invites you to view a preview of their latest exhibitions and gallery.

Make sure you include a viewing of the "Chainsaw Chick' Exhibition commencing 16th April and throughout the Tiny Towns Art Trail.

Angie was a founding member of the international movement, ‘Chainsaw Chick’, which mentored women carvers, helping them to succeed in the traditionally male world of power carving.

Sadly, in 2021 Angie lost a fiercely fought battle with breast cancer and these are her final works.

Angie’s work will be on show over the trail weekend, and for sale at Possum Gully Fine Arts Gallery in Adelaide Lead over the Tiny Towns Arts Trail weekend. Possum Gully Fine Arts Gallery celebrates a diversity of artists, styles and media and has been a fixture on the Tiny Towns Arts Trail since the first trail in 2015.

For directions and further details: Possum Gully Fine Arts Gallery click here.

View stunning open gardens with unique sculptures, surrounding this magnificent mud brick gallery.

Open Public Holidays and weekends, or by appointment. 




428 Possum Gully Road
Adelaide Lead 3465

11:00am - 05:00pm
035461 1775