It doesn't matter if you're a lean mean road rider, an adrenaline-seeking mountain biker, or a relaxed family with a good old treadie each. There is no better place to get on two wheels and see the sights than through the Central Goldfields.

With touring and adventure on your doorstep, there is a diversity of over 15 cycling trails, ranging from 11km to 91 km, ready and waiting to be explored. Some of the leading Family friendly cycling trails are highlighted below.

With a wealth of history throughout the Region, there is no better time to experience than the moment.

Cycle Central Goldfields Trails:- Cycle Central Goldfields Map

Dunolly Cycle Tracks - Located in the Central Victorian Goldfields, the Dunolly Cycle Tracks are a series of signed forest roads and tracks varying in length between 14 and 47 kilometres. The area is rich in ironbark flora and fauna, fascinating goldfields history and wonderful cycling conditions. Routes pass through the old gold towns of Dunolly, Tarnagulla, Bealiba, Waanyarra, Betley and Goldsborough. Attractions include quite roads and tracks. :- Dunolly Cycle Tracks

Dunolly to Havelock Trail - The Dunolly to Havelock Gold Rush Trail is a 54km loop trail connecting Maryborough to Dunolly through the Havelock Nature Conservation Reserve. It's a fantastic option for those wanting something a little challenging in terms of distance, on quiet gravel paths and through stunning dry sclerophyll forest. You'll be well rewarded for your efforts with the beautiful and iconic Australian bushland in a secluded and quiet region.

Maryborough to Ballarat Heritage Trail - Immerse yourself in the heritage and beauty of Victoria's Central Goldfields. The Ballarat to Maryborough Heritage Trail is a 91km trail, broken into four distinct sections, each with its own unique character and identity. No matter which trail section you choose, you will be rewarded with a mix of forest and farming tracks with numerous stopping points at charming historic townships and other heritage points of interest. You will want to take your time to enjoy all the trail has to offer and may wish to do this over multiple days, with overnight stops in the townships and villages along the way. :- Ballarat Maryborough Heritage Cycling Trail

1. Ballarat - Creswick, 24kms - This first section of the trail follows the Yarrowee River trail before settling into the quiet isolation of eucalypt forests. Observe how the tall, straight trees change to gnarled and twisted and the track dips in and out of gullies. This first section ends in the historic forestry town of Creswick.

2. Creswick - Clunes, 24kms - Much of this section of trail is filled with reminders of the past. Historic pastoral holdings, grand homestead and vineyards line the quiet lanes as you meander the undulating terrain. It finishes in the gold heritage township of Clunes.

3. Clunes - Talbot, 25kms - This section of trail starts with sweeping vistas across to the volcanic mound of Mt. Beckworth. Aged eucalyptus line the lanes until you disappear into scrubby bushland, sighting the occasional wallaby as you peddle into the tiny hamlet of Talbot.

4. Talbot - Maryborough, 18kms - This last section of the trail begins with a gentle ride through open grazing land, where you'll spot dry stone walling and an old bluestone ford scarred with deep ruts from the passing of countless wagon wheels. Then it's into Box-ironbark forest all the way to the magnificent heritage of Maryborough. 

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