• Central Goldfields Art Gallery: Out Of The Fire – Tiffany Titshall, Online Exhibition


Tiffany works in charcoal on paper from her studio in Majorca in central Victoria. From landscapes and follies to darker, more overt images of animals and devils, her work always simmers with hints of her inner world.

While in Portugal in 2018, Tiffany was caught in the catastrophic bushfires that ravaged the country around the town of Pedrogao Grande and killed 69 people. Four months after returning home her mother passed away. This is a selection of works produced in the following months.

'Fountains burst forth and fecund plants grow out of fire. Lost loved ones visit me in my dreams and ignite ancient lights. I spend my time between night and day, life and death. My worlds burn brightly, smothered by luscious greenery and bright coloured snails. I am thrilled and horrified; I am spilling desire.' – Tiffany Titshall


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