• McLandress Square is a historic civic centre in Maryborough

2 day(s)

Central Goldfields Discovery - Two Day Accessible Itinerary

  • Welcome Stranger Monument marks the spot where history was made

1 day(s)

Gold Rush Heritage - Accessible Full Day Itinerary

  • Maryborough Railway Station - Accessibility Details

The Maryborough Railway Station is a grand old building. There are designated disabled parking spaces in the car park and the building is accessible via a ramp to the left of the main entry. The main station foyer is through self-opening double glass doors. The platform is straight ahead through another set of self-opening glass doors. Off the foyer is the Tracks Café. A wooden ramp covers the old step. The café is open and easy to navigate. Seating is movable offer a wide choice of seating location. The menu caters to all dietary requirements.

  • McLandress Square - Accessibility Details

McLandress Square is a historic site in Maryborough which is home to the Town Hall, Post Office and Court House. There is a designated disabled parking space in front of the post office. Ramps lead up the post office on either side of the building.  The square is easy to navigate. Directly opposite the square in Clarendon Street is an accessible toilet.

  • Dunolly Historic Precinct - Accessibility Details

The township of Dunolly has a great variety of historic buildings but the old courthouse is a must see. The front entrance is stepped, but there is ramped access around the side of the building.

Inside all of the doorways are wide giving access to the main chamber, judge’s room and clerk’s office. At the back of the site are the old stables. They are reached across the lawn area behind the courthouse. The stable doors are wide giving good access to the interior.

  • Welcome Stranger Monument - Accessibility Details

The site commemorates the find of the largest alluvial gold nugget ever found, in 1869. The site has a picnic table, an undercover picnic area, wood-fired barbecue and a large stone obelisk marking the site. There are no toilet facilities at the site.

The surface from the car park to the monument is course quartz gravel. The surface is hard packed.

  • Friendly service at the Talbot Farmers Market

1 day(s)

Taste of Talbot & Maryborough - Accessible Full Day Itinerary

  • Museums & Genealogy

What better way to take a step back in time than by visiting one of the beautifully curated museums in Maryborough and Surrounds. With many Australian families connected to the gold rush era, this is a fabulous opportunity to explore and uncover your own family history.

  • Historical Societies

The rich and colourful era of the Gold rush has meant that the Central Goldfields is an area connected to many Australian families.

Thanks to the committed work of our local historical societies, visiting the region means uncovering a treasure trove of information for those seeking a connection with their family history, or tracing ancestry and genealogy.

  • Cemeteries of the Central Goldfields

There is no better way to really understand the history of a community than to wander through a local cemetery and spend time reading the headstones.

The often-tragic tales of families who travelled across the globe to seek their fortunes are apparent in every corner of the many small burial grounds found throughout the Central Goldfields. With so many people in Australia having an important genetic association to the gold rush, visiting cemeteries in the region is a fantastic was to uncover family history and trace the connections relevant to your own ancestry.

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