Discover the Welcome Stranger by hunting for your own retirement fund where the world’s largest gold nugget was found, or perhaps stop by regional Australia’s grandest Railway Station to make up your own mind about whether or not it was a case of mistaken identity. Whatever you choose to do in Maryborough and Surrounds, you’ll go home with plenty of yarns to share with friends and family.

From historic towns full of grand gold rush era architecture, to wide open spaces where farming land and natural landscapes endlessly roll to the horizon, Maryborough and Surrounds is full of captivating touring experiences. Pack your metal detector or fishing rod, a picnic lunch and bottle of local wine and prepare for a rewarding adventure on Victoria’s Central Goldfields.

Uncover significant cultural sites like the Aboriginal wells and maternity tree, hear stories of fortune and heartache from the Victorian gold rush, visit local art galleries and artist workshops to unearth something unique to treasure. Is there another golden behemoth laying beneath the surface at Moliagul, just as there was in 1869 when the 69kg Welcome Stranger was unearthed, still claimed to be the largest gold nugget ever discovered. This region is right in the middle of Victoria’s golden triangle, situated between Bendigo and Ballarat, and still draws plenty of prospectors hoping to find their fortune.

What will you unearth when you next visit Maryborough and Surrounds?