• Historical Societies

The rich and colourful era of the Gold rush has meant that the Central Goldfields is an area connected to many Australian families.

Thanks to the committed work of our local historical societies, visiting the region means uncovering a treasure trove of information for those seeking a connection with their family history, or tracing ancestry and genealogy.

Carisbrook Town Hall is home to the Carisbrook Historical Society. With over 1,000 photographs on record, you can also find rate books and school records from the 1860s and cemetery records from the 1850s. Goldfields Historical & Arts Society, located in the fascinating Dunolly Museum, features detailed church records, the Dunolly hospital index, cemetery index, rates, maps and more.

Maryborough Midlands Historical Society, at the historic Worsley Cottage, offers cemetery records, rate books, death notices, over 300 pioneer portraits and wedding photography by Wal Richards (1946-1996).

The Talbot Arts & Historical Museum has a wide range of historical items from rate records dating from 1859, to Amherst hospital and cemetery records, and photographs of miners and mine sites.