• Heritage Buildings Reimagined

Enjoy the fusion of old and new with stunning heritage buildings finding new life as they are reimagined to provide modern spaces for everyone to appreciate and utilise.

In Dunolly, the Court House, built in 1863, is now used for festivals, events, meetings and concerts and the 1884 Town Hall is the perfect space for a wedding or public event. The pretty town of Talbot is filled some of the most intact buildings from the gold rush to be found in Australia. The Talbot Heritage Station, built in 1875, now serves as a rail museum and store.

Dine in a fabulous café and appreciate the beauty and interest of an art gallery and museum of Australian history in the Maryborough Railway Station. Wander through the main streets of Maryborough and take in the magnificent gold rush architecture. In McLandress Square, post a letter from the 1877-built post office or visit the Town Hall and Court House – both of which were built in the late 1800s and continue to serve the same purpose today. Around the corner is the old fire station, home to the Central Goldfields Art Gallery and filled with both contemporary and historical artwork.

The building, from 1861, has been beautifully repurposed like so many in the region – perfectly blending yesterday and today.