• Gold Prospecting & Detecting

The Central Goldfields has been famous for its alluvial gold for over 150 years. Of the 40 nuggets weighing over 18 kilograms that have been recorded in Australia, 32 of them have been discovered in Central Victoria.

The world’s largest alluvial gold nugget ever unearthed, was uncovered just 2.5cm below the surface in Moliagul. Weighing a whopping 69kg, the Welcome Stranger, was discovered in February 1869 and prospectors continue to flock to the area with dreams of a similar incredible find. Gold nuggets are still being found today and places worth searching include Talbot, Amherst, Maryborough, Dunolly, Waanyarra, Tarnagulla, Inglewood and, of course, Moliagul. Government surveryors estimate there is still over $500,000,000 worth of gold still underground in Victoria and detectors from the world over visit the Central Goldfields in search of their own personal treasure.

Prospecting isn’t as hard on the joints as it was in the 1800s, but even with the benefit of a gold detector, it’s still a process that requires immense patience. Visit the Coiltek Gold Centre in Maryborough for special maps suggesting areas most likely to produce nuggets, or book a tour while you’re there to learn the art of detecting with an expert…one who will also supply the gear! Golden Nugget Tours offer specialised gold tours that provide insight into this vast region.

There are plenty of opportunities for the contemporary gold prospector to seek out a winning location but remember if you’re going out on your own, be sure to purchase a Miners Right online at Earth Resources and ensure prospecting is permitted in your search area.