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Autumn in the Central Goldfields is full of living floral displays. You'll find an abundance of excellently maintained public gardens, reserves and parks. Our State Forests have species of unique wildflowers starting to bloom.

Our stunning Phillips Botanical Gardens, the Rene Fox Gardens in Broadway Dunolly, the Tilly Aston Gardens in Carisbrook and the Talbot Community Gardens complimenting the Talbot Provedore, are all a must see.

With plenty of local reservoirs and creeks, and some of those special locations, you'll be wanting to pack your lunch, grab your bike, dust off your boots, cool off for a swim, and head out for some family fun!

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For further details on any of these locations, contact the Visitor Information Centre.

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Phillips Botanical Gardens

Maryborough's Phillips Botanical Gardens was first created in the 1870s, and prominently located near the CBD, the Library and the Resource Centre.     

The gardens are stunning... you walk beautiful pathways that are well kept.  There are tables and chairs and seating areas located around the gardens and toilets. A popular place for that family picnic or pitstop.
You'll admire a variety of beautifully maintained plants, wonderful trees and delightful birdlife embracing their natural habitat, including our resident ducks and swans and cygnets. There's a conservatory with a wonderful array of orchids on display.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Lake Victoria

The walking path around scenic Lake Victoria is a fun outing for all the family.

Along the way you'll find an amazing playground suitable for small children up to teens. There's undercover BBQ areas, grass areas, toilets and seating. You see birdlife including local resident ducks and swans in their natural habitat. Located at Princes Park precinct, Lake Road, Maryborough.

On the opposite side of Princes Park on Park Road, there is another playground with covered electric bbq's, toilets and newly installed play equipment and exercise centres.

The recently built skatepark, is located at this location, and is a popular attraction to kids of all age groups.

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Goldfields Reservoir

Goldfields Reservoir is located just off the Ballarat Maryborough Road at Reservoir Road.

This location is a popular family recreational area with a walking track, nature playground, grassed area on the bank, scenic lake, undercover BBQ, toilets surrounded by forest area.

A great spot to interact with birdlife, have a fish or just relax!

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Paddy's Ranges

Paddy's Ranges has over 230 species of wildflowers have been listed in this fine example Box-Ironbark Forest, including about thirty species of orchids; for a full detailed list, contact the Visitor Information Centre.

If you head out on the Maryborough Ballarat Road a few kilometres out you'll see the right hand turn into Paddy's Ranges Picnic Area. This is a tranquil bush setting with wooden tables and chairs and toilets.

While your there you might see a wallaby, kangaroo, echidna, possums, or for those bird watching enthusiasts this is your destination. With an abundance of 140 bird species recorded including the rare Swift Parrot, you'll be amazed.

There are plenty of great walking, cycling and driving tracks throughout Paddy's Ranges, so take your gear and head out for that family day.

If you like looking for gold, there's prospecting allocations in Paddy's Ranges, make sure you're prepared and have your Miner's Right.

Please note, NO dogs are permitted in Paddy's Ranges State Park.

View map HERE

Cycling maps HERE


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Station Domain Playground

Located at the Station Domain precinct on Station Street in Maryborough, you'll find a well appointed playground area for younger children with excellent amenities. There are shade covered areas, fenced area, modern play stations, chairs and tables, and nearby toilets.

Overlooking the historic Railway Station, this is the perfect location for some quality family time.

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Talbot Community Gardens

The London House Community Gardens is a beautiful and productive garden lovingly tended by a dedicated team of volunteers for all to enjoy. Located next to the Talbot's London House Cafe, these amazing gardens comprise of beautiful flowering plants, roses, vines and fruit trees.

A relaxing place for that family dining.

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Tullaroop Reservoir

Located just out of Carisbrook, is the perfect spot for a day out at scenic Tullaroop Reservoir.
•An ideal location for a relaxing day, with amenities including tables and chairs, large expanse of grass with shady trees, fire barbecues and toilets.
•There's great spots to prepare for a peaceful day fishing and you can bring your fishing boat, but no swimming or camping is permitted.
•See the golden canola fields along the way.
•On nearby Rodborough Road you will find a plaque set in a large stone, signifying the Gold Escort Route where Commissioner Tolmer lead the first police escorts transported from Mt. Alexander to Adelaide in March 1852.

Detailed Map: HERE
Directions: HERE


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Deep Creek - Bland Reserve Carisbrook

Bland Reserve is located along Tullaroop Creek (also known as Deep Creek) in Green Street, Carisbrook.

You'll find a large grassed area with shady trees, picnic tables, toilets, walking tracks and a playground. There is nice little swimming area and the bridge crosses the creek to Bucknall Reserve where there's a toilet and BBQ.

Along the walking track you'll see the historic Carisbrook Log Gaol.

Directions: HERE







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Craigie Park

If you're looking for a quiet spot to have picnic or barbecue while the kids safely run around and explore, Craigie Park Reserve is a fantastic place to visit.

Set off the Majorca Road on Craigie Park Road, just a few minutes drive from Maryborough, Craigie Park Reserve is a large fenced area with a picnic table, bench seat and double wood fire barbecue. You'll fine a large grassy field is sheltered by trees, fallen logs, and a small dam.

The variety of trees offer many interesting places for children to explore. A large, impressive pine tree stands along the left side of the park.

Pack a picnic or barbecue lunch and bring a football out for the kids to kick around, this is a lovely and peaceful spot to spend the afternoon.

Directions: HERE

But look out for snakes during the summer period.

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Brian Dowie Conservation Park

Brian Dowie Conservation Park is an impressive area of bushland on the outskirts of Carisbrook. With several picnic tables and a heritage walkway lined with large, beautifully placed stones. These stones are great for kids who love to climb and explore!

In the centre of the park you'll find a gazebo with information signs. You'll view information on aboriginal history, pioneer history, gold mining history, local geology and local wetlands.

At the far end of the park you'll come across ruins of a brick structure and at the entrance of the park there is a unique stone wall and gate.

Directions: HERE

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Mt Cameron Gorge

Out at Mt Cameron Gorge (Fossett's Crossing) off the Mt Cameron-Cotswold Road, in Mount Cameron, you'll experience a dip in the road to enter the into a deep gorge before crossing Tullaroop Creek. This scenic area along the creek is a great spot for swimming, fishing, camping and picnics.

This area is great to bring kids swimming as the creek floor is covered with smooth stones and there's a fair stretch of shallow water before it starts to get deeper. You'll see a little waterfall, birdlife and maybe a platypus.

A great hidden location for that quiet area.

Directions: HERE

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Cairn Curran Reservoir

The Cairn Curran Reservoir is an enormous water catchment managed by Goulburn-Murray Water. Located via Carisbrook and follow the Baringhup Road.

Directions: HERE

Cairn Curran is a popular spot for a wide range of recreational activities, including:

  • Boating, both power and sail
  • Skiing
  • Wind surfing
  • Jet skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Boat ramp
  • Walking
  • Undercover area
  • Free electric BBQ's
  • Picnic tables
  • Toilets
  • Water taps and sinks
  • Trees and rocks to climb



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Tilly Aston Memorial Park

Out in Chapel Street in Carisbrook, you'll find a memorial area that commemorates the life and work of Tilly Aston, a remarkable woman born in Carisbrook in 1873.

A gazebo containing many detailed information signs lies alongside a picnic table with amenities.


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The Three Bridges

The Three Bridges is a picturesque crossing located on the Loddon River, just outside of Maryborough. The name references the three way junction of waters, crossing in a unique occurrence.
Rock formations beside the main bridge form a stunning multi level natural pool and spa. A second smaller rock pool has been created beside the main bridge. The scenic pools have been designed with carefully laid stones, not to be disturbed.
On the other side you'll find the water current not as strong, and a rope swing attached to a tree. There's a viewing area, and places for the family to explore and have a picnic at this hidden location. 
Directions: 👉
- take the Bendigo-Maryborough Road (see Three Bridges sign) turn onto Eddington Road
- turn right onto Baringhup-Eddington Road
- turn right onto Back Eddington Road (gravel surface) and follow to locationThree Bridges is a picturesque crossing of the Loddon River in Eddington, Victoria, named because the gravel road winds its way over the water across three bridges.


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Rene Fox Memorial Gardens Dunolly

The Rene Fox Memorial Gardens are located on Broadway in Dunolly. With seating, toilets, beautifully kept gardens and art mosaic, you'll have a great day out with some nearby popular eateries and museums nearby.

You'll also see the Dunolly Art Mosaics.

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Gordon Reserve Dunolly

Gordon Reserve in Market Street Dunolly is a wonderful location for that family outing.

The large playground area has been completely fenced and has safety gates plus park benches, which makes this an ideal spot to bring little kids. The playground within the fenced area features a large hanging disc swing, a slide, suspension bridge, rope climbing wall, spinning cup, monkey bars and more. Outside the fenced area there is also a 4 seat see saw and a flying fox.

The park has two excellent undercover barbecue area with free electric barbecues. One barbecue area has wind blocks, picnic tables and rubbish bins. The other barbecue area, over the other side of the park, has plenty of seating, lots of space, and rubbish bins. There's public toilets, an undercover gazebo and plenty of shade for a picnic rug.

With the new skate park and work out stations, tennis and basketball courts, you'll enjoy that day out with the family.





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Bealiba Reservoir

Bealiba Reservoir is located not far out of the small rural township of Bealiba.

You'll find plenty of shady areas to set up that family day out. Take your fishing rod, your lunch and your walking boots to spend the day walking around the tracks, climbing nearby Mt Bealiba and experiencing peace and quiet. 

There are toilets, fire BBQ's and table and chairs.

Directions: HERE

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Laanecoorie Reservoir

Located just off the Maryborough Bendigo Road you'll find the Laanecoorie Reservoir.

There's a great walking track that winds along the Loddon River commencing at the Janevale Bridge approx 1.2km to the Laanecoorie Reservoir Weir. This is an excellent location with spectacular views.

The campground contains multiple picnic tables, wood fire barbecues, water taps, rubbish bins and toilets.

It's a great location for a swim, canoeing, skiing, fishing or just that family bbq or picnic.

Directions: HERE