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As we transition into Autumn, we have plenty of options and unique locations for you to consider. Looking to take that cycling trail, an outdoor picnic, a quite fish, some canoeing, or some water sports for those skiing enthusiasts?

We have you covered!




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Goldfields Reservoir

Goldfields Reservoir is located just off the Ballarat Maryborough Road at Reservoir Road.

This location is a popular family recreational area with a walking track, nature playground, grassed area on the bank, scenic lake, undercover BBQ, toilets surrounded by forest area.

A great location for that great new walking track, quick swim, or that family picnic, or some canoeing.




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Deep Creek Blande Reserve Carisbrook

Bland Reserve is located along Tullaroop Creek (also known as Deep Creek) in Green Street, Carisbrook.

You'll find a large grassed area with shady trees, picnic tables, toilets, walking tracks and a playground. There is nice little swimming area and the bridge crosses the creek to Bucknall Reserve where there's a toilet and BBQ.


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Laanecoorie Reservoir

Located just off the Maryborough Bendigo Road you'll find the Laanecoorie Reservoir.

There's a great walking track that winds along the Loddon River, commencing at the Janevale Bridge approx 1.2km to the Laanecoorie Reservoir Weir. This is an excellent location with spectacular views of the surrounding area.

The campground contains multiple picnic tables, wood fire barbecues, water taps, rubbish bins and toilets.

It's a great location for a swim, canoeing, water sports and skiing, fishing or just that family bbq or picnic.

Directions: HERE

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Mt Cameron Gorge

Out at Mt Cameron Gorge (Fossett's Crossing) off the Mt Cameron-Cotswold Road, in Mount Cameron, you'll experience a dip in the road to enter the into a deep gorge before crossing Tullaroop Creek. This scenic area along the creek is a great spot for swimming, fishing, camping and picnics.

This area is great to bring kids swimming as the creek floor is covered with smooth stones and there's a fair stretch of shallow water before it starts to get deeper. You'll see a little waterfall, birdlife and maybe a platypus.

A great hidden location for that quiet area.

Directions: HERE

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Cairn Curran Reservoir

The Cairn Curran Reservoir is an enormous water catchment managed by Goulburn-Murray Water. Located via Carisbrook and follow the Baringhup Road.

Directions: HERE

Cairn Curran is a popular spot for a wide range of recreational activities, including:

  • Boating, both power and sail
  • Skiing
  • Wind surfing
  • Jet skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
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Maryborough Sports and Leisure Centre Indoor Pool

The Maryborough Sports and Leisure Centre has reopened their indoor pool facility.

Bookings are required: HERE

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The Three Bridges

The Three Bridges is a picturesque crossing located on the Loddon River, just outside of Maryborough. The name references the three way junction of waters, crossing in a unique occurrence.
Rock formations beside the main bridge form a stunning multi level natural pool and spa. A second smaller rock pool has been created beside the main bridge. The scenic pools have been designed with carefully laid stones, not to be disturbed.

On the other side you'll find the water current not as strong, and a rope swing attached to a tree. There's a viewing area, and places for the family to explore and have a picnic at this hidden location. 
Directions: 👉
- take the Bendigo-Maryborough Road (see Three Bridges sign) turn onto Eddington Road
- turn right onto Baringhup-Eddington Road
- turn right onto Back Eddington Road (gravel surface) and follow to location Three Bridges is a picturesque crossing of the Loddon River in Eddington, Victoria, named because the gravel road winds its way over the water across three bridges.

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Bealiba Reservoir

Bealiba Reservoir is located not far out of the small rural township of Bealiba.

You'll find plenty of shady areas to set up that family day out. Take your fishing rod, your lunch and your walking boots to spend the day walking around the tracks, cooling off in the water, climbing nearby Mt Bealiba or just experiencing peace and quiet. 

There are toilets, fire BBQ's and table and chairs.

Directions: HERE