• Amherst Chinese Baths

Visiting the site of Amherst today, it’s hard to believe it was once a thriving township during the gold rush era. Very little remains of the town, which had an estimated population of 30,000 at its peak, however one of the fascinating pieces of the area’s history can still be explored today.

Believed to be the original site of a Chinese Joss House and Chinese Bath House in the nineteenth century, it is still possible to see authentic baths carved into the ground. One of the baths is well finished and well preserved, with smooth hard edges.

The other is a more basic excavation in the ground with additional rubble from the area at the site. Alongside the Chinese Baths is a large clearing with a fire pit that is great for bush camping. The picturesque land surrounding the Baths is ideal for bushwalking and cycling and the location is popular for gold prospecting.

👉The baths are located in the bushland alongside Possum Gully Road, Amherst - about 10 minutes from Talbot and 20 minutes from Maryborough. You can drive right up to the site, no walking required. An unnamed bush road takes you from Possum Gully Road to the baths.