• Tarnagulla Winter Solstice


Come along to the Tarnagulla Winter Solstice where you can sip, savour, and celebrate the shortest day! Revel under starlit skies with heartwarming bites, spirited toasts from local wineries and breweries, melodious tunes, fireside tales and bewitching witches.  Gather 'round the glow—let's brighten the night with community and cheer in your themed costume which could win you a witchy and wonderful prize!

Celebrate the winter solstice at a magical evening designed to warm the heart and delight the senses, perfect for families and friends. Here’s what we have planned to make your night unforgettable:

Culinary Delights

Diggers Diner: Savor the season with winter roasts and hearty meals, perfect for warming up on a chilly evening.

Local Beverages: Indulge in tastings of local wines and mulled wines, or enjoy a nip of whiskey, all sourced from our celebrated local and regional producers.

Food Trucks: Taste the variety with "Spuds on the Run" offering gourmet potato dishes and "Little Sangria" serving up flavorful bites.

Community and Warmth

Communal Fire Pits: Gather around crackling fires for warmth and camaraderie, a cozy hub for the evening’s festivities.

Mystical and Musical Encounters

Enjoy the enchanting sounds of mood music provided by the Sunken Moons of Goldfields Music Club Inc., sure to set a festive tone.

Tarot Readings: Explore what the stars hold for you with mystical tarot readings—a touch of magic to enhance your solstice experience.

Solstice Costume Competition: Dress in your solstice-best and participate in our costume competition. Fabulous prizes await the most creatively dressed attendees!

This enchanting evening promises to be an engaging experience for the whole family, combining the charm of Tarnagulla with the festive spirit of the solstice. Join us for a night where community, culture, and culinary arts meet, under the stars.



Commercial Road
Tarnagulla 3551

05:30pm - 09:00pm
[email protected]
Frances 0457 326 743