Take a Dip!

It’s said the best things in life are free, and whoever first said it was right. Floating in a river on a hot day, under the shade of ancient gums, is all the proof you need, and it won’t cost you any more than a day set aside for simple pleasures.

At Bridgewater on Loddon take a memorable dip in a mighty river at the town’s dedicated swimming hole, a natural infinity pool. There’s a grassy slope tumbling down to a timber deck with a ladder and kayak ramp beckoning you into the water. This safe and secluded spot is only for swimming and small watercraft, being sectioned off from the water skiing speed boats. Make a day of it and enjoy a river-side barbecue or take the short walk to the Bridgewater Bakery for top fare to please the whole family.

The Loddon Valley boasts plenty of swimming spots other than at Bridgewater. Little Lake Boort gives its town the reputation of the region’s oasis. Find out why generations of locals have grown up loving the water when you spend time by and in this beautiful lake, right in the heart of Boort. The banks of the lake feature great picnic and barbecue facilities, plus the popular lake-side caravan park.

There are five public swimming pools throughout the Loddon Valley open during the summer, in Boort, Mitiamo, Pyramid Hill, Wedderburn and Inglewood. For more information on prices and opening times visit the Loddon Shire Council webpage.