Stop, look up and enjoy the wonders of the cosmos.

Escape from city lights and come an experience the breathtaking views of the stars throughout the Loddon Valley.

Kooyoora State Park is a stargazing hot spot. Enjoy the spectacular landscape of the granite outcrops, with the flat plains offering uninterrupted views of the display above.

Terrick Terrick National Park is also another great spot to see Mother Nature’s greatest spectacle. Pack a picnic rug or camping chair and relaxed whilst you enjoy the celestial show.

Join professional photographer Richard Tatti’s on one of his Nightscape workshops and stay at Rostrata Country House in Murphy’s Creek. Richard’s workshops offer guidance for shooting the Milky Way, Star Trails and Light Painting Photography. His workshops sell out quickly; therefore planning ahead is a must. To find out more about the workshops visit here

Pyramid Hill is also boasts beautiful views of the stars at night. The town host astronomy nights with professional astronomers sharing their knowledge and access to equipment. These sessions vary throughout the year with weather permitting but it is a great opportunity to view Jupiter, Saturn, Star Clusters and Galaxies. Check out Pyramid Hill's Facebook page for updates on these nights