• Star Spanner Sculpture Garden


The Star Spanner Sculpture Gardens is a remarkable attraction that reflects the artistic ability of John and Sonia Piccoli. Star Spanner Sculpture Garden is set in 2ha of manicured lawns and gardens with an abundant natural bird life. There are approximately fifty sculptures created from old farm spanners collected across Victoria.

The Loddon Valley is deeply saddened by the news of the passing of John Piccoli, fondly regarded to by locals and visitors as the ‘Spanner Man’.

John was an inspiration to many – the craftsmanship he showed with creating each sculpture was astounding. He was a wonderful host to many visitors in the region sharing his personal story, his spanner collection, his art and exotic birds.

Tours not be running until further notice.

Horses, bulls, fish, mermaids and men, all larger than life, inhabit the rambling garden - their spectacular forms crafted from rusty brown and gleaming silver spanners.

Despite their odd-shaped constituent parts, the intricate sculptures are superbly proportioned, giving them a strangely life-like quality.

John's other great passion is birds, and his rambling garden is dotted with enclosures housing brightly coloured and often rare species.

Entry fee $10 per person.

Bus tours welcome, but must book in advance.

Currently closed until further notice
1314 Boort Quambatook Road Boort 3537
03 5455 4257


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