The bountiful Loddon Valley is a gatherer’s playground, offering fresh local produce such as the world’s finest breads, meats, olives and olive oil, tomatoes, fruit and even salt. It is on these plains too that eucalyptus oil was first produced, and can be purchased today to complete your larder.

In Bridgewater is the 100-year-old Laucke mill that produces what is considered the world’s finest bread making flour. Using wheat from the local farms, the flour is used by Australia’s finest artisan bakers … and exclusively by the local Bridgewater Bakery.

In Inglewood, introduce yourself to James at Meat on Brooke. James is one of only two butchers in Australia who uses a traditional dry aged beef method. His locally sourced, chemical free meat is akin to tasting an apple straight from the tree. 

Travel further north to the farms and meet Peter and Marlies of Salute Oliva in Boort and Marilyn and Ian of Simply Tomatoes in Yando, or see a large range of Loddon’s local produce at Meat on Brooke in Inglewood or the Loddon Visitor Information Centre in Wedderburn.