The Loddon Valley is home to broad acre farming properties that have sustained generations of local families. Plus, one town offers a rare chance to visit one. Head to Boort to find the famous Simply Green Tomatoes. Marilyn Lanyon’s family have farmed tomatoes here since the late 1970s. When drought hit the business took a dramatic change in focus and the Lanyons went from farming 400 acres of fruit to just one acre, all bound for a tried and true preserve recipe.

Marilyn’s green tomato pickles had been loved by family and friends for years, who regularly encouraged her to go commercial. When she did life on the farm took a dramatic change. Come and see why this humble condiment has become an iconic local product. The Lanyons dish out the country hospitality to visitors daily from their historic red brick homestead.

While in the area stop off at nearby Salute Oliva to sample award-winning olives and olive oil, and meet the well-travelled makers Peter and Marlies Eicher.

Around Bridgewater on Loddon and Inglewood several wineries make superb use of the region’s rich soils. Even Queen Elizabeth can vouch for the quality, having been served Water Wheel shiraz during her 2006 Australian visit. Meanwhile the Fat Butchers dry aged beef is as highly sought-after as any other of the region’s local produce.

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