• Little Lake Boort Ride

Boort is known as the ‘oasis of the north’ owing to the numerous lakes and waterways, the lush gardens of the township and the expansive irrigated agricultural land surrounding the town. What better way to experience it than by bike?

A 3.7k loop around the Little Lake provides a perfect and very pleasant introduction to Boort’s waterways and native flora and fauna for riders of all levels.

The area around the lakes was a regular camping spot of the Dja Dja Wurrung and some well-preserved middens and scar trees are still evident. The boardwalk running parallel to the causeway was completed in 2012 and offers a wonderful opportunity to view the bird and animal life in this natural reed section of the lake.

This wetland area hosts many species including Fairy Martins, Black Swans, Dusky Moorhens, turtles, water rats and at least 6 types of frogs including the Peron’s Tree Frog and the Barking Marsh Frog. Cross the bridge over the irrigation channel then stroll back through the shady native plantation near the caravan park to head back to Nolen’s Park. You can download the overview map here.

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