• Kooyoora State Park


This stunning pocket of the Loddon Valley is becoming one of the region’s worst-kept secrets, although it’s still a place of peace and quiet compared to similar sites of granite outcrops. Climb, camp and explore at Mount Kooyoora. Legend has it the bushranger Captain Melville took refuge here. As did the Indigenous people – find evidence of Aboriginal culture in the rock wells and scar trees.

Enjoy spectacular views over the Loddon Valley a variety of flora and fauna, Kooyoora State Park is an ideal place for a picnic, hiking or a weekend camping trip only two hours from Melbourne.

Kooyoora State Park offers a rich variety of plants and wildlife, and is home to some of north-central Victoria's outstanding natural features. The park is ideal for many outdoor recreation activities from picnics to sightseeing, rock climbing, orienteering and bird watching.

Visit the Melville Caves, huge granite boulders thought to have been once used as a hideout for the bushranger ‘Captain Melville’.

For updates on conditions check the Parks Victoria website.

Melville Caves Rd, Brenanah VIC 3517
03 5494 3489

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