• Gold Detecting & Prospecting

Gold Detecting & Prospecting

Central Victoria is best known as the land of the Welcome Stranger, but there are plenty more gold nuggets where that 78-kilogram beauty came from. Finding gold is still a regular occurrence in the Loddon Valley, however most keep their lucky strikes secret.

Some people still make a living from the Loddon Valley diggings. For others, going prospecting is all for love. Hobby prospectors from around the globe still try their luck among the region’s famous ironbark forests, creeks and mullock heaps.

A mere gram of gold will give you approximately $50 in your pocket, give or take the prices of the day. However a day spent playing the ‘bushman’s lottery’ will always pay off, regardless of whether you strike it rich or not. Just think of the peace and tranquillity, birdsong and bush scent.

Prospecting is permitted in Regional Parks, State Forests and other reserves throughout the region, which means there are thousands of hectares of public land to fossick for gold. To view some of these areas go to parkweb.vic.gov.au. Prospecting on private land requires permission of the landowner. And regardless of where you search, remember to fill in the holes.

You must obtain a Miner's Right, a licence that allows you to search for gold and minerals on Crown Land. They are available from the Wedderburn Pioneer Caravan Park, online at Miners Rights or at number of outlets across the region.

To view the Parks Victoria prospecting map click here: Prospecting Map

COVID-19 UPDATE: Regional Victoria including the Loddon Valley is currently in the Third Step of the COVID-19 Roadmap. For the updated restriction levels in Victoria please visit the DHHS website.