There are three dump points which are accessible by the public for free available in the Loddon Valley. 

  • Boort - Located at the recreational reserve at Malone Street, Boort
  • Pyramid Hill - Located at the Pyramid Hill Caravan Park in Victoria Street, Pyramid Hill
  • Wedderburn - Located at the Wedderburn Caravan Park in Hospital Street, Wedderburn

Please note there are strict rules regarding what you can and can't dump at these points.


  • Grey water
  • Black water
  • Chemical water treatment - used to prevent odours and aid breakdown of the waste


  • Disposable nappies
  • Sanitary items
  • Disposable wipes - even if they do say flushable!

If there is an issue when using a dump point such as a blockage, please ensure you contact the appropriate people to get it fixed. Either contact the Loddon Shire Council on 03 5494 1200 or the caravan park the dump point is located in.

Raw sewerage is public health hazard and needs to be dealt with appropriately.  By ensuring the correct waste is being disposed of we reduce the risk of blockages.


When it comes to using the dump points don’t forget the etiquette rule – leave it how you would like to find it. Use the hoses provided to clean and flush the dump point before moving on.

Where to find them?

COVID-19 UPDATE: Regional Victoria including the Loddon Valley is currently in the Third Step of the COVID-19 Roadmap. For the updated restriction levels in Victoria please visit the DHHS website.