• Cycling the Loddon Valley

Cycling the Loddon Valley

Whether you are seeking a family friendly ride or prefer slightly rougher terrain, the Loddon Valley's tracks and trails are a fantastic way to take in the beauty and history of the Region whilst on your bike.

There are many tracks and trails located across the the Loddon Valley, in particular around the townships of Boort, Bridgewater, Inglewood, Laanecoorie, Pyramid Hill, Serpentine, Tarnagulla and Wedderburn. These trails which are at national walking standards, are ideal for cycling and feature many interesting landmarks, points of interest and rest areas.

For the more adventurous rider seeking larger rides with a combination of sealed road, dirt and bush, please refer to the Rolling Rides guide which is provided by local accommodation provider Rostrata Country House.  All rides are developed within Ride GPS to assist riders connect with their phone.