So you have heard how beautiful the Loddon Valley is, but did you know how expansive it was? From Eddington to Boort (let’s say south to north along the Loddon River) is around a 1.5 hour drive. Head east from Wedderburn to Pyramid Hill and you won’t get much time back from an hour, not that you’d want to rush it because there is so much to see in between.

To get to the vintage and collectables hotspot of Inglewood will take you around 2 hours. Head north out of Melbourne on the Calder Freeway (as if you were heading to Bendigo or Mildura) and right after you pass through the village of Bridgewater on Loddon you’ll arrive in Inglewood. 

Wedderburn is another 20 minutes further west along the Calder Highway. You can also get to Wedderburn via Ballarat by heading north through the Central Goldfields towns of Maryborough, Dunolly and Moliagul, where the world’s largest ever gold nugget Welcome Stranger was found.

From Mildura in the north you will get to the Loddon Valley if you follow the Calder Highway from Sea Lake and Lake Tyrrell. If you are coming in from the north however, it is worth taking a left turn at Wycheproof and setting up camp at the impressive Lake Boort and wetlands. Melbourne to Boort is around 3 hours.

Entering the Loddon Valley from the Murray River in the northeast, from either Echuca or Kerang, make sure you head through the granite landscapes of Mount Hope and Pyramid Hill. Climb perhaps The Hill for a great view of the surrounding landscape, just as Major Mitchell did in 1836. 

From Bendigo, the nearest point of interest within the Loddon Valley is the watersports haven of Bridgewater on Loddon, which is around 35 minutes away. Stop in for a dip in a natural infinity pool, bring the boat and water skis, launch your canoes for a relaxing wind down the river or throw a rod in for a spot of fishing.