posted on 19 Oct 21

Allowing nature to lead the way, artist Ross Currie from Wedderburn finds inspiration in seemingly ordinary objects and landscapes to create stunning artworks. 

Ross’s method for expressing his love of art is through pyrography, where stunning imagery is captured through smoke and fire, with fine detail burnt into wood. Pyrography still captures the attention of art lovers today. Ross is a modern day pyrographer, taking a more sophisticated approach to the art form, opting for a pyrography pen over heated metal rods.
Beginning his artistic journey in 1986, Ross moved away from traditional art forms after discovering his passion for pyrography during his time spent doing rehabilitation for a work injury. Ross has since expanded his repertoire to work with natural wood formed sculpture, charcoal and carving. 

Art for Ross is his way of expressing nature’s inherent and unique beauty. Through a light touch he can recreate a misty veil across native forestry, and hazy burn marks capture a snapshot of beauty in an ever-shifting natural landscape. 

Wooden Snake Ross CurrieSamples of Ross Currie

One of his signature pieces is a snake, taking form from a large vine previously wrapped around a Peppercorn tree. Sanded and oiled to showcase its natural twists, Ross’ wooden snake winds and wraps around itself with movement reminiscent of life.  

Many are interested to learn that Ross has a studio named Cuzz’s Studio located at 45 Wilson Street, Wedderburn which is well worth visiting while in the area. When visiting you might also have the pleasure of meeting his four legged companion named Basil. 

Ned - Ross Currie

When driving within the Loddon Valley you may spot some roadside art created by Ross, such as ‘Ned’ somewhere along the Calder Highway from Inglewood to Wedderburn.

Ross is a passionate local striving for an art culture throughout the Loddon Valley region, and helped to form the Wedderburn Open Air Mural Committee. This committee has recently installed the Wedderburn Bird’s Eye View murals, of which Ross provides a Walk and Talk tour. 

Call 0421 743 852 to organise a viewing of Cuzz’s Studio or to book a Wedderburn Mural Walk and Talk tour for more information view the links below.