A birdwatchers paradise

The Loddon Valley is one of the best places in Victoria to indulge in the glorious hobby of birdwatching, but don’t just take our word for it. When La Trobe University Outdoor Education students and staff were developing the Serpentine Creek Canoe Trail, these well-travelled explorers noted the area boasted the largest amount of birdlife they’d ever seen. Get off the highways and around the waterways, grasslands and forests of the region and you may just have to agree.

The Birding Victoria website makes special note of the Terrick Terrick National Park as a hotspot for twitching. “The pine woodlands are the best known and ‘birdiest’ parts of the park,” it says. “A good place to start is the picnic ground at the base of Mt Terrick Terrick. Many of the park’s birds may be seen in this area, including Australian Ringneck and Gilberts Whistler. Reigels rock in the north-east of the forest is also interesting, and can attract Painted and Black Honeyeaters in spring and summer depending on the year.”

The warmer seasons are also the best times to see mighty wedge-tail eagles, riding the thermals in pairs above. It’s also not uncommon to come across them in paddocks and along the roadside, feeding.”

All the best-known natural attractions in the Loddon Valley offer great birdwatching opportunities, and the lesser-known. Serious watchers should head to Woolshed Swamp and Yando Swamp to further feather their hobby.