• Three Chord Club - An Open Mic Concert


Maurocco Bar closed month of February. Next Three Chord Club event will be 17 March 2024

A friendly and supportive open mic concert. Get up and play, or listen to a variety of folk, blues, country, ethnic, bluegrass, rockabilly and singer-songwriters. An amazing line up of talented musicians in a fabulous bohemian venue.

From 2pm to 5pm on the third Sunday of the month at the Maurocco Bar in the Midland Hotel, opposite Castlemaine station.

Only $5 entry. This is a popular event with average attendance of about 80. Drinks are available at the bar.

Musicians: Our goal is to provide a space where musicians can try out their music, meet other musicians, and possibly form new bands. We provide an environment that nurtures all participants, from beginners to experienced performers. We provide a drum kit, a Yamaha professional stage piano, a Yamaha 16 channel mixer and PA with DI and vocal and instrumental microphones, foldback speakers and an attentive sound mixer. Every month nine acts can each perform three songs.

If you would like to play, you can put your name on the board any time after 1 pm. Music starts at 2 pm. Enquiries: [email protected]

Maurocco Bar
2 Templeton St
Castlemaine 3450

Third Sunday of the month
2pm - 5pm
$5 entry. Musicians free.
[email protected]
1800 170 888