• Nourishing Encounters


Upstairs 22 Gallery presents, 'Nourishing Encounters'. 
Five artists over two floors - Harry Zable, Cathleen Gay, Junko Azukawa, Minyu Xu and Sheree Gallagher.

Exhibition runs 19th October - 15th November Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm Weekends 11am - 5pm

Main Gallery: Cathleen Gay, Junko Azukawa and Minyu XU
Exhibition Title. The Instant << O >> :Mushin.
Mushin is the precise moment when time dissolves and one is absorbed in the presence of the now. 

Cathleen Gay:  
"I love to work with inks. It is ethereal and magic at the same time, always contributing to an element of surprise of nothing that cannot be fully controlled. Inks allow me to freely express emotions and sensations lived at a precise moment."                     

Junko Azukawa:
"Japanese ink art is an art of minimalism, a reflection of the moment. I create the ink for my expression through the steady repetitive rubbing of an ink stick on the ink stone and the grinding continues until everything of myself is ready for painting. The brush marks created in this moment are simply free and alive.  Through my lifelong study of traditional calligraphy and ink painting, I have found peace and appreciation deep within and love sharing with my audience the intimate relationship between mother nature and human nature through my brush."

Minyu XU:
“These ink drawings are my impressions of living on the bush land of Mt. Alexander Shire.  I love the change of smell, light and color through the seasons, and to translate them into my own creation through contemplation. My works depict the harmony of nature, the communions of all living and non-living, of the oneness and the wholeness of the world of nature. I invite the audience to walk through each of them, with a quiet heart, to hear the songs of these communions, to experience peace and love, and the eternal silence…” 

Gallery Hall: Harry Zable 
Exhibition Title: From a Distance: Scenes from the back roads of the Shire.
"In this exhibition I have focused on distant views and open rural landscapes. From the perspective of distance and locating my point of view in the spaciousness, tranquillity and harmony emerge, and I am refreshed by the comfort of solitude and the spiritual nourishment of being in nature."

Gallery Bar: Sherree Gallagher 
Exhibition Title:  Jewels In The Wilderness
"These works are a reflection of that awareness; they evolve through a meditative (sometimes frustrating) process as I paint.  You may see the ‘wilderness’ wild and untamed, colours and shapes colliding in a soupy morass. And then a ‘jewel’, bold, seeking my attention appears. It is through this process I am collecting and integrating the ‘jewels’ into my soul self." 

Upstairs 22 Gallery 22 Hargraves St
Castlemaine 3450

19th October - 15th November 2019
0456 462 710