• Makers Immersion Weekend - Panel discussion for Artists and Makers - Is The Price Right


In partnership with Craft Victoria and the Theatre Royal

Sunday 16thFebruary
Afternoon Session:    Price is Right– Conversation circle with panel

With Gemma Jones & Sarah Weston (Craft Victoria) and Bridget Farmer (Local artist/printmaker).

Join us in an open conversation about the complexities of pricing artwork and crafts pieces for sale.

Across so many contexts, we hear

“How much is this worth?”

“What should I charge for this?”

“Why does that cost so much?”

Craftspeople and artists routinely undersell themselves and their work. So how to make a living?

Come together and talk money, market-value, worth, commodification and making a living.

How do we balance the demands of the market, the labour intensive quality of how artists and craftspeople work and the bottom line of selling work? How do we match all of this with a narrative and education about why the handmade matters? How much is a lifetime of skill worth in comparison to skill-less non-craft that looks like craft?

How does function impact on worthiness?

Who gets how much of a cut and how does that affect the maker?

Session: 1.30-4.00pm

BOOKINGS PREFERRED - Tickets are available online, $22 per person (includes afternoon tea).

Buda Historic Home & Garden
42 Hunter Street
Castlemaine 3450

01:30pm - 04:00pm
03 5472 1032