• Close to home. Works on paper by Janet Neilson and Penny Peckham.


Throughout this past year that was like no other, inspiration has come from the domestic spaces occupied, the trails explored, the books read and reread, and the seeds planted in the ground under our feet.

Janet & Penny's shared artistic interests have brought them together during a time of discombobulation and introspection, resulting in some surprises in the studio, and an exhibition celebrating the infinite possibilities of printmaking. Their work has points of synchronicity, with a common interest in some print techniques and a complementary aesthetic.

Janet and Penny share an impulse to explore an idea through creating multiple states or versions of an image. Working with a repeatable matrix, and applying various other print, collage and monotype techniques to create a series of related but unique images.

The exhibition of prints includes linoprints and collagraphs, monoprints, paper lithographs, gelatine prints and stamping.

19 Langslow Street
Castlemaine 3450

Open weekends including the public holiday, 11am- 5pm. January 9-10, 16-17, 23-26, 30-31, 2021. Or by appointment – please call Janet 0498 987 576 or Penny 0411 722 955
0498 987 576