• Andrea McKey – Felt Garden Workshop


In conjunction with the Castlemaine State Festival, Buda presents its 'Secret Garden' program of events.

Andrea McKey will help you use very simple sewing, cutting and embroidery techniques to make colourful and joyous garden elements similar to those seen in her Buda Secret Garden vignettes, to take home and brighten up your day. Andrea will provide: Her handmade wool felt in a variety of colours and designs, bits and bobs, beads, buttons, embroidery, cottons, wood, sculptural pieces, stuffing, needles and scissors.  Andrea is passionate about art, colour, patterns and the joy it brings to her life every day. She believes in the joy of dreams, ideas and materials, the teaching, the learning, the making, the giving and receiving. Art is such a giver of joy, first to the maker, then the buyer and/or the receiver. Snacks and drinks will be provided as part of the workshop.

42 Hunter St
Castlemaine 3450

12:05am - 12:07am
$50 Full$45 Concession or Friends of Buda.