• Explore the heritage streetscapes of Castlemaine and Maldon

2 day(s)

Streetscapes & Railways - Two Day Accessible Itinerary

  • Victorian Goldfields Railway - Accessibility Details

The historic Victorian Goldfields Railway is an iconic and fully accessible experience for visitors young and old.

The station at Maldon has designated accessible parking adjacent to the station building. Level access is via the station gates to the left of the station building. The railway operates an accessible carriage that is capable of taking up to 12 wheelchairs on all trips. Like all rolling stock, the carriage is subject to periodic maintenance so advance booking is advisable. The carriage is equipped with ramps to allow access at Maldon and Castlemaine stations.

  • Buda Historic Home & Garden - Accessibility Details

Buda is a historic house and garden from the gold rush era of Castlemaine which is overall very accessible. Parking is available directly outside the fence line and relatively level and constructed of fine crushed rock. Entry to the house is via the small gateway.

  • Victorian Goldfields Railway

1 day(s)

Heritage Rail - Accessible One Day Itinerary

  • Heritage Streetscapes

The days of the Victorian gold rush have indelibly shaped the Castlemaine region and today provide a background of authenticity and character. Talk to the locals who are proud of their history and hear their fascinating stories, wander the streets of historic Maldon, Castlemaine and the tiny villages of the surrounding area that were once thriving gold towns.

  • Gold Era Heritage & Railways

Tapping into one of the richest gold seams in the world, the Victorian gold rush transformed central Victoria between 1853 and 1861.

  • Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park

Today, towns like Castlemaine, Chewton and Maldon tell part of the story of the great gold rush with their streets lined with buildings grand and humble. But the surrounding bush harbours its own tales of a golden past: crumbling stone walls of huts and pubs, and the gold mines and gullies that yielded up fortunes.

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