Castlemaine, Maldon and Surrounds has a spirited rural community committed to sustainable practices so you will find an abundance of ethically produced and organic produce. You may be surprised to know that the little town of Harcourt, located near Castlemaine, is one of the largest commercial plantings of cider apples in Australia.  Apples have been cultivated in the valley since around the time of the Victorian gold rush of the 1850's and today, over forty varieties of cider apples and some varieties of pears are grown to produce a tasty array of cider which you just have to try for yourself! 

Stock up on some wholesome fruit and veggies from any number of local markets.  You can also pick up some locally roasted coffee, smoked and cured meats, wine, cider and craft beer - all produced in the region. The organic fruit and veg is used by many of the local restaurants and cafes in support of the local farmers and businesses. 

One thing is sure, when visiting one of our local restaurants, famers markets, or cellar doors, everything you taste will be just as nature intended.