As restrictions start to ease again, some of our eateries will safely start reopening and others will continue with take-away options to keep you well fed.

Below is a list of the cafes, pubs and restaurants in Castlemaine, Maldon and surrounds with their operating situation as best we know in the ever-changing environment.


Barker Street Cafe  Take-away only.  Phone: 5472 1127.

Bella Fresca Pizzeria Take-away pizza and desserts. Wed-Sat 5pm-8pm. Phone: 0497 220 199.

Big Jim's Pizza Take-away pizza. Open every day 4pm-9pm. Phone: 5472 4222.

Bistro Lola  Open for dine-in and alfresco. Pizza, pasta, desserts and wine. Wed-Sun 4pm-9pm. Phone: 5472 1196 or go to website for takeaway and delivery menu here.

Blue Sea Fish 'n' Chips Take-away. Wed-Mon 11am - 8pm. Phone: 5472 1194. Delivery available.

Boomtown Wine  Open for cellar door experience on weekends. Half hour sessions. To book or for wine sales call Tim on 0417 237 155 or buy online here.

Bruce's Kitchen  Open for dine-in. Lunch Mon-Sat 8.30am-2pm and Sun 9am-2.30pm. Dinner Fri-Sat 5pm-8.30pm. Take-away, coffee and lunch specials also available Phone: 5472 2568.

Cabosse & Feve Chocolates Open Tue-Sun 9am-5pm. Located @ The Mill. Phone: 0423 442 572 Order online here.

Castlemaine Central Wines  Mon-Thur 10.30am-5.30pm, Fri 10.30am-6pm and Sat 10.30am-3pm. Phone: 5470 6487.

Castlemaine Noodle Bar Wed-Mon 11am-9pm and Tue 5pm-9pm. Phone: 5472 1697.

Cookie Crumbs Take-away coffee, toasties, and treats! Mon-Sat 8am-4pm. Phone: 0429 699 793.

Cream Town Open for dine-in, alfresco and take-away. Padro coffee and food by Situational Dining. Open every day 7am-3pm. Phone: 5401 3747.

Cumberland Hotel Open for dine-in. Two lunch and two dinner sittings. Bookings suggested. Phone: 5472 1052

Das Kaffeehaus (Coffee Basics) Take-away only at this stage. Coffee, cakes, lunch options, coffee beans and more. Open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and weekends 10am-4pm. Phone: 5470 6270. Online coffee sales here. 

Dominos Pizza Open Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm and Fri-Sat 11am-11pm. Phone: 5479 5120

Fig Cafe Open for dine in or takeawy from Wed 23 September 9am-2pm. Phone: 5472 5311

Five Flags Hotel Open for dine in lunch or dinner 7 days and takeaway's are still available. Phone: 5472 1010

Freddys Kebab House Open for take-away. Mon-Sun 10am-10pm. Phone: 8405 3561.

Grist Artisan Bakers Take-away bread, pastries, pies in Wesley Hill. Open Tue-Sat 9am-2pm. Phone: 5472 1740

Ice-Cream Social  Ice-cream, pies, doughnuts, vegetarian and vegan take-away. Fri-Sun 12pm-4pm @ The Mill. Phone: 0476 314 882. Delivery available.

Johnny Baker's  Pastries, pies, coffee and baguettes. Open every day 7am-3pm. Phone: 5470 5695.

Klua Sathorn  Thai food - Mon-Sat 4.30pm-8.30pm take-away and deliveries.  Phone: 5470 6881. Book online

Lunchbox Sushi Tue-Fri 10am-4pm. Order and pay online here. Phone: 0484 625 339.

Michel's Fine Biscuit Co Freshly baked biscuits for all occasions. Order online here or Phone: 5472 4274 or 0419 895 599.

Mulberry's Deli Open Fri-Tue 8.30am-2pm. Phone: 5471 1651Pandemic Pantry home cooked meals and cheeses still available for purchase and delivery here.

Naam Pla Thai  Open for dine in lunch, with two sittings at midday & 1.15pm & takeaway dinner. Phone: 0457 785 042.

New China Restaurant Take-away only. Tue-Sun 5pm-10.30pm. Phone: 5472 3033.

Oakwood Smallgoods @ The Mill open Thur-Mon 9am-5pm. Pre-orders available. Phone: 0449 857 212.

Origini Due to reopen on Monday 12/10 for limited dine-in and alfresco. Rustic Italian. Mon-Fri 10.30am-2.30pm. Phone: 5472 1766.

Papa's Fish Shop Fish 'n Chips Tue-Sun 11am-8pm. Phone: 5472 2974.

Peddling Pastry Delivery and online orders available. Castlemaine Farmers Market every Wednesday 2.30pm - 5.30pm and 1st Sunday of the month. Order Here Phone: 0413 686 505.

Phamily Kitchen Open for dine-in and take-away. Vietnamese cuisine. Open Thur-Sat 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7.30pm. See menu here.  Phone: 5470 6051.

Pud for All Seasons Open for sales Mon-Wed 7.30am-6pm, Thur 8.30am-3pm or by appointment direct from Halford Street kitchen door. Also available at the weekly Castlemaine and fortnightly Bendigo Farmers Market or purchase online here.   Phone 5470 6128.

Railway Hotel Castlemaine Open for dine-in. Set lunch and dinner sittings. Bookings essential. Phone: 5472 1250.

Run Rabbit Run  Open for dine-in and take-away. Open every day 8.30am-4pm. Ready made meals available daily, fresh or frozen. Phone: 5470 5712.

Saffs Cafe Open for dine-in and take-away. Open every day 7.30am-4pm. Coffee and full breakfast/lunch menu available all day, with daily specials. Phone: 5470 6722.

Saint Florian Cafe  Open for outdoor dining & takeaway Mon-Fri 8am-2.30pm. Text 0480 146 270 or Phone: 5414 9906

Skydancers The café is closed at present, but the nursery is open and giftware is available. Phone: 5474 3800.

Sprout Bakery  Take-away bakery. Open Wed 10am-3pm bread and brownies, Thu-Fri 10am-5pm and Sat 10am-3pm for bread sales and take-away lunches. Located @ The Mill.

Subway  Open daily 8.30am-8pm. Phone: 5470 6977.

Superhero Take-away Banh Mi and more. Tue-Sat 12pm-3pm. Call to place your order. Phone: 0424 214 122.

Tania's Top Shop Castlemaine Take-away food and coffee. Mon-Fri 5.45am-2pm. Ready-made meals available for local delivery. Phone 5472 4223.

Taste of the Orient  Take-away and delivery yum cha and dumplings. Also Castlemaine Farmers Market, Western Reserve, 1st Sunday of the month, cash only.  Phone: 5470 5465.

Tender Chook  Take-away chicken, chips, baked potatoes and more. Phone: 5472 1183. Delivery available.

Theatre Royal  Open for dine-in and alfresco. Pizza, pasta, desserts and wine. Wed-Sun 4pm-9pm. See website for menu here. Online Bottleshop here. Phone: 5472 1196.

The Bridge Hotel  Open for dine-in and beer garden. Bookings essential. Phone: 4406 6730.

The Dove Cafe Take-away coffee, lunch and take home meals weekdays 7am-5pm. Order online here. Phone: 5470 5888.

The Taproom Dine-in for limited numbers and alfresco. Open Tue-Fri 2pm-late and weekends from midday. Bookings advised. Phone: 0487 860 060. For beer deliveries order here or Phone: 0438 042 901.

The Taste Kitchen Dine-in or take-away souvlaki, chips, salads and coffee. Phone: 0406 095 842. Order here

Tog's Cafe Dine-in, alfresco and take-away. Open every day 9am-5pm. Phone: 5471 1651Pandemic Pantry home-cooked meals and cheeses available for purchase and delivery.

Vantage Fuels Castlemaine BP Open daily until late. Phone: 5472 1271.

Wild Food & Wine Dine-in for limited numbers. Phone: 4432 7352. Taco Tuesdays -  3 choices of tacos plus margaritas. Order by Sunday evening on their website here. 


Chewton General Store Take-away coffee, papers and essentials. Open every day 8am-12pm.

Red Hill Hotel Open for alfresco dining. Check Facebook and Instagram for details, here. Phone: 5416 1133.


Elphinstone Hotel Open for dine-in Wed-Sat for dinner & Sat-Sun for bunch and lunch Phone: 5473 3165.


Guildford General Store  Limited dine-in, alfesco and take-home dinners, newspapers, milk bread and groceries. Open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm and Sat-Sun 9am-4pm. Phone: 5473 4232.

Long Lunches at Guildford Vineyard Take-away heat and eat curries, menu announced Mondays on Instagram, pick up Thursday 3pm - 6pm. Phone or text your order. Menu on Instagram here 0408 553 545.

The Guildford Family Hotel Dine in for dinner Fri & Sat; lunch Sat's. Phone: 5473 4215


Goldfields Track Cafe  Open for dine-in and alfresco. Daily specials and deliveries available. Printable menu and online bookings available here.  Bookings advised on Phone: 5462 5514.

Harcourt Produce & General Store  Take-away only Mon - Wed 10am – 4pm, Thurs 10am – 6pm, Fri - Sun 10am – 8pm. Homemade pies and pasties, coffee and homemade cakes. Phone: 5474 2135 or 0430 302 763.


Berryman's Cafe   Open every day, 8.30am-4pm. Coffee and full menu available as take-away plus frozen ready-made meals, including vegetarian options. Phone: 5475 2904.

Cafe Maldon Closed Mon 21 to Wed 23 Sep. Take-away 7.15am-2pm weekdays and 8am-1pm weekends. 

Gold Exchange Cafe Mon-Fri 7am-4pm. Weekends take-away only 7.30am-4pm

Kangaroo Hotel Open for dine in Tue-Sun. Sittings times: Tue-Sat 6pm & 8pm, Fri-Sun lunch
12pm & 1.30pm, Sun dinner 6pm serving until 7.30pm.   Phone: 5475 2214.

Le Sel Open Mon-Thur 9am-3pm, Fri-Sun 9am-5pm & Sat for bistro dinners from 3 Oct at 6.30pm-10.30pm.  Phone: 0411 721 928.

Maldon Bakery  Take-away 7am-4pm. Phone: 5475 2713.

Maldon Hotel  Tue & Wed are takeaway only; Dine in Fri-Sun. Full bistro & pizza takeaway are available for dine in and takeaway. Phone 5475 2231 from 4pm to place orders.

Maldon Takeaway  Open Tue - Sun 11.00am - 7.30pm Fish 'n' Chips, fried chicken and salads, burgers, pizza and coffee. For orders PH 0476 887 062.


Dig Cafe  Open daily 8.30am - 4pm. Phone 5476 2744.

Newboots Cafe Open for dine-in, alfresco and take-away. Thurs - Sun 8.30am - 5pm. Grocery and deli items, coffee, Sprout bread, takeaway food including Toastie Bar and take home meals. Phone: 0492 867 319.

Newstead Country Store Mon 8am-1pm, Tue & Wed 7am-2pm, Thurs & Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 9am-6pm. Phone: 5476 2252.


Taradale Wine & Produce   Wood fire pizza and wine available Fridays and Sundays from 6pm takeaway or local delivery. Phone: 5423 2828  or Text 0417 547 270



* Please note this list is updated weekly - current as at 29 September 2020.