• Gold Prospecting

In the 1850s Australia celebrated its very own gold rush with the discovery of some of the richest soil in the world. From Ballarat, across to Bendigo and up to Wedderburn, the area soon became known as the Golden Triangle – a region filled with possibility and plenty of gold.

Today, prospectors and miners continue to seek their fortune in the bushland within the goldfields and there seems to be no shortage of discoveries all these years later. In fact, in 2016 a 4.1 kg nugget was found in the Golden Triangle, by a miner who spends his weekends prospecting in the area.

Regardless of your finds, prospecting is a lovely way to spend your day. It’s great exercise in a beautiful environment, and obviously the motivation of an incredible win is an added bonus!

The Maldon Historic Area and the Castlemaine Diggings are two popular places to look however be aware that there are mining restrictions, particularly in the reserves, forests and national parks. Collect a map in order to see the overlay, and, if you are keen to mine, you will also need a Miner’s Right. This is an easy and inexpensive process that can be done online and will last you 10 years.

As you are searching for your fortune, remember to carry a map and stick to the paths as there are still safety issues with disused mine shafts all these years later. Also be sure to create minimal impact of the beautiful environment you are searching in.