• Gold Era Heritage & Railways

Tapping into one of the richest gold seams in the world, the Victorian gold rush transformed central Victoria between 1853 and 1861.

Mining settlements that exist around Castlemaine to this day, such as Guildford, Chewton and Fryerstown, are living history. But the jewels in the crown are Castlemaine and Maldon, with intact heritage buildings, such as the Courthouse and Town Hall in Castlemaine and wide streets lined with mature trees. In Maldon the streetscape itself is the hero. Maldon has an attractive pioneer-like appearance with the history of the gold-mining era well preserved. 

Experience a romantic way to travel, as you journey back in time to the golden age of steam. To make your day of hunting for priced relics all the more special, take a return trip to Maldon from Castlemaine on the Victorian Goldfields Railway. This railway served the goldfields villages of Maldon and Muckleford for almost a century and has been lovingly restored to its former glory by dedicated volunteers. Ride aboard a wooden bodied passenger carriage as you are whisked through the goldfields by a historic steam locomotive.