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Through the lens of an incredible history that's seen in the architecture, streetscapes, museums and galleries, this area offers rich and diverse cultural experiences ... visual, dance, circus, music, theatre, literature, and more, giving you the sense that anything is possible. There is something to capture your imagination on every corner. An abundance of captivating art galleries, intriguing creative hubs, alluring artisan’s workshops and vibrant arts and crafts markets to explore. While a deep connection to history flows from the gold era streetscapes into heritage buildings reimagined for contemporary uses and on into the halls and displays of the regions many museums and historical societies.

Enjoy contemporary experiences against a rich historic backdrop of grand architecture, heritage buildings, wide streets and European gardens. The days of the gold rush era have indelibly shaped the region and provide a background of authenticity and character. Talk to the locals who are proud of their history and hear their fascinating stories, wander the streets of historic Maldon or visit the Mount Alexander Diggings National Heritage Park. This historically rich region is sure to delight and will keep you coming back again and again.

While Castlemaine is a modern and progressive country town, Castlemaine and Maldon are also known for their generous grand streetscapes, a constant reminder of their history with streets set in gold rush era aspic. Mining settlements that exist around Castlemaine to this day, such as Guildford, Chewton and Fryerstown, are living history.