Historic Maldon has a peace and tranquillity that is truly endearing. Wide gold era streetscapes house contemporary offerings that are sure to surprise. From unique boutiques and bookshops, to mouth-watering local produce lovingly assembled and served with a smile, the charm of Maldon will have you coming back for seconds.

Explore the historic streetscape admiring the gold rush architecture, browse through boutique stores, rifle through an eclectic array of antiques, collectables and vintage pieces or take home a piece of quality local art, jewellery or fashion. Sample seasonal produce and epicurean delights in many quality cafes or bustling country pubs, all set in heritage buildings reimagined.


Discover some of our unique gold-mining landscapes within the Maldon Historic Reserve and heritage Maldon township, where there are many fascinating gold-mining sites right on our doorsteps. Maldon is not only Australia’s First Notable Town (classified by the National Trust) but enjoys the pleasure of being surrounded by spectacular natural bush lands that contain abundant cultural and natural heritage.

Explore some of our many gold mine relics and historic goldrush features on three individual, self-guided walking tracks. All three tracks begin and end near the centre of town; an easy walk from the cafes. Otherwise, there is ample parking at the Beehive Chimney or along High St. Check out the Walks Guide here 

If you are lucky enough to be in town on the second Sunday of the month, don’t miss the Maldon Market where you will find food, wine, music, art and more in a relaxed setting.

To get there perhaps take a ride on the historic Victorian Goldfields Railway steam train and enjoy a glass of local wine while watching the world go by. Leaving from Castlemaine on select days, this is the perfect way to embrace the magic of days gone by.