• Cumberland Hotel Castlemaine - Accessibility Details

The Cumberland Hotel is a well-designed and wheelchair friendly country pub with plenty of maneuvering room and gentle slopes to the ramps. The dining area has movable seating and ramps that link all areas of the hotel. A private room is also available for groups with ramp access. Level access entry is via Lyttleton Street, under the awning. 

From the main entrance, there is clear access to the TAB on the left and the gaming room to the right. At the end of the bar in the gaming room, there is ramp access to the Bistro and Main Bar. Accessible toilets are located at the rear of the gaming room. An outdoor smoker’s area is also accessible from the gaming room. There is also a wide double door access to the children’s play area.

There is a low countertop in the bistro allowing for accessible service. Dietary requirements catered for on request.

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