Exceptional quality apples and pears have grown in the fertile soils of Harcourt for 150 years, so it's no surprise that there's also a thriving cider industry.  As you explore the valley you’ll come across countless cider producers who have thrown open their farm gates, inviting you in to experience their wares and learn a little about the ancient art of cider making. 

This area doesn't just boast good cider though, you can also discover local wineries and breweries too. Back in Castlemaine, a visit to The Mill will reveal craft beers being tapped at the source and winemakers plying their trade, turning grapes sourced locally and slightly further afield into wines suited to any occasion. Pop into many of the pubs along the heritage gold-era streets of Castlemaine to find craft beers flowing, local ciders taking centre stage and wines from throughout the region on offer. 

There is a definite craft beer and cider movement happening in regional Victoria right now and Harcourt and Castlemaine are right in the thick of it. Not to mention the quality of wines that central Victoria is currently putting on the market.