• Traditional Arts Fair Workshops – Fermenting with Nikki Valentini


Our series of Traditional Arts workshops October’s workshops will take place in the Garden room and/or outside with plenty of space for physical distancing, Covid safe hygiene protocols in place and a limit of 8 people per workshop.

Are you curious about learning the art of fermentation? Buda’s Traditional Arts Fair, with Nikki Valentini (The Local Foodivore) is presenting two fermentation workshops exploring vegetable fermentation and its many health benefits, PLUS, an optional amazing fermented food lunch.

Sauerkraut and quick fermented carrots (10.30am) This workshop will explore the history, benefits and tricks needed to make your own delicious sauerkraut and quick lacto-fermented carrots at home.

Kimchi, (1.30pm) a traditional Korean cabbage ferment, has made a name for itself all over the world! It is a delicious condiment to add to many meals and has many health benefits. Join Nikki for an exploration into making kimchi! We will explore ways to make these delicious foods without having to buy any expensive equipment.

Fermented food Lunch (12.30pm) There are many types of fermented foods that we eat regularly (cheese, wine) and others that are not so common.

Join us for a lunch showcasing many fermented foods from many different cultures! Included in the lunch will be a few courses combining the amazing flavours that fermented foods offer.

42 huner St
Castlemaine 3450

10:30am - 03:30pm
Workshops $100 eachLunch $50