• Steel Life and Shimmer


Steel sculptor Andre Sardone and photographer Bridget Finch present Steel Life: an exhibition conceptualised on their rural acreage during lockdown.

In their respective works – however stylistically different - both artists are beholden to the significance of the natural environment surrounding their home, forming a creative common ground. Sardone’s refined recycling practise and welding expertise has culminated in an imaginative approach to sculpture, showing at Dudley House, Bendigo 19 – 27 June In Finch’s breathtaking photography, a taut kinetic energy exudes; the possibility of animal flight at any second charges the images with potential.

Often, it feels as though the animal in focus is performing for the camera, under a comfortable gaze of the lens Running concurrently with Steel Life, is Shimmer: a recycled, whimsical, kinetic outdoor installation which interacts with wind in a flurry of light and movement.

View St
Bendigo 3555

19th - 27th June (closed Mondays)
10am - 4pm