• Senselab Exhibition


In 2019, the Senselab celebrates the achievements of its 7-year Immediations project with "minor movements: a rethinking of the exhibition".

Senselab has held achievements in at least 12 global locations, including Brazil, Montreal, London, Budapest and Amsterdam. These events, residencies and exhibitions culminate in the exhibition at the LAI in November-December, which will act as a final celebration of the project. Participants will include Senselab collaborators from Canada, Brazil, Europe, New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney
A minor movement is perhaps - a celebration, an ungovernable encounter, a surprise engagement, a turn in expectations. Definitely, minor movements occur all the time but are sidelined in lieu of grand gestures. ... Much of what we hope happens in 2019 is of the nature of the unmapped and ungovernable - what would happen if we allowed the world to do the work of entertaining itself?

La Trobe Art Institute
11 November to 21 December
10:00AM - 5:00PM
(03) 5444 7272