• Lunar New Year 2024


Come celebrate the Lunar New Year at Bendigo! We are excited to kick off the Year of the Dragon with an appearance from Sun Loong. The night will also feature performances from local community groups and a variety of food vendors to be announced soon. You do not want to miss this!

Sun Loong retired in 2019 so don't miss your chance to see this 100m dragon on this special occasion. 

Here is the program of the event:

5.30pm: Welcome Lion Dance and Welcome to Country
6.00pm: Costume Parade and mini parade of small dragons
6.30pm: Community Performances
7.30pm: Sun Loong 
8:00pm: Return of Sun Loong, closing speeches and a roving lion performance 

The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, has a rich history that spans thousands of years and holds great significance in various cultures across Asia. This important tradition is widely celebrated by diverse Asian communities around the globe. It commemorates the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere and marks the start of the New Year.

During this festive period, numerous customs and traditions are observed for a period of 15 days, serving as a way to honour our cultural heritage and strengthen our community bonds.

Regardless of one's nationality, religion, or ethnicity, New Year's Day presents an opportunity for family gatherings, collective reflection, and the reaffirmation of relationships.
In 2024, the Lunar New Year will enthuse the Year of the Dragon, promising excitement and new beginnings.

The Lunar New Year celebrations in 2024 will commence on Saturday, the 10th of February.

The Bendigo Chinese Association would like to thank our official sponsor of the event SBS, as well as our logistics partner the City of Greater Bendigo.

There are also heaps of activities happening at the Great Stupa, click here to find out more.


Dai Gum San Precinct
Saturday 10 February 2024
5.30pm - 8:30pm