• Hoarded Collective


Mikayla Berryman works with found and recycled objects, usually gathered from op shops, junk yards and her own household. She finds comfort amongst everyday objects and is fascinated by discussions about hoarding and archival collecting: She is also conscious of how quickly the distinction between the two can become blurred.

From personal experience with hoarding, as well as through the observation of others, Mikayla explore our relationship with the stuff we collect and how it reflects our experience of living within a culture of mass consumption.

The works in this exhibition experminent with sculpture, assemblage, stitching and painting, with a central interest in materials and fabrics, creating tapestry like hangings. They reveal the artist's instinct for organising found objects and celebrate the pleasure found in repeating tasks transferring the everyday beyond mere hoarding.

Exhibit B
Bendigo Bank Central
Bendigo 3550

28th August until 23rd September