• “For the Love of Dog”


Shaynna Blaze on Jan's art. "Jan is such an incredible artist. Your artwork is devine and your talent is 'beyond'". You can’t help but fall in love with Jan’s paintings... they have such expression. Both Jan’s equine and canine art reflects the emotional connection and magical relationships , that as humans we have been drawn to for thousands of years. It is no surprise that, as our society becomes more urbanised, we start to crave the images that soothe our souls and remind us, nostalgically, of simpler times. The happiness of a dogs lolling-tongued smile, or the powerful magnificence of a glistening stallion, Jan’s paintings are evocative and can move you and take you on a journey, just like a song or a scent can instantly transport you. They are a delicious visual tonic for our world weary minds and bodies. Jan’s paintings allows us to escape to a place where we can feel the harmony, be energised and be at one, with two of Mother Nature’s most magnificent animals.

As well as selling her paintings across Australia, and creating commissioned pieces, Jan has also had.. Two successful solo exhibitions

Paintings showcased and presented at the international horse expo “Equitana”

Shortlisted for National Equine Art Prize Entered into regional art completions

Artwork hung in historic Fortuna Villa

Paintings selected and hung for makeover on Selling Houses Australia

Grange Gallery - 37 High st Eaglehawk
(Most) Tuesdays and Friday’s 11.00 - 5.00 and Saturday’s from 11.00- 3.00 or by appointment for small groups
Free entry .