• Eaglehawk Dahlia & Arts Festival


It's an opportunity for representing organizations to share how they support our inclusive Eaglehawk community and to showcase what they have to offer to the community of Eaglehawk and visitors.

The physical structure of the bridge encompasses the idea of “bridging the gap” between Eaglehawk, other communities within the Greater City of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia and the World, and extending the hand of friendship to all.

It's purely open to your interpretation of the theme.

There are plenty of opportunities for participants to create characters, get dressed up and have loads of fun.

Eaglehawk. Let's get excited!

Highlights include: Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary - Street Procession, Empowering Eaglehawk – Sunday Family Day, Literary Competition, Gala Fair, Art Shows, Flower Show, Heritage Displays, Busking competition, Primary Schools foot race Challenge, Debutante Ball, Cycling Criterion, Trivia night, Flack Advisory – Youth scholarship, the Lola Miller Short Film Competition, Photo Booth (Experience the Dragon), Cornish Display, CV Lion Team and Bush Dance. 

Held in various locations in Eaglehawk.

Various at Eaglehawk
Wednesday 18 - Friday 27 March 2020