• Wedderburn Reservoir Track

Wedderburn Reservoir Track

The Reservoir Track winds around the grounds of the caravan park before circling the reservoir and returning across the dam wall.

Gold mining operations required a reliable supply of water and the reservoir would have provided security of supply in the busy gold mining period of the late 1800’s. In low rainfall areas catch drain reservoirs such as this one maximise flows into the dam. It was upgraded in the 1880’s to provide fresh water for the town but today is used to water recreation facilities. Supply is augmented via a channel from Skinner’s Flat Reservoir north of town.

The caravan park was formerly the crown reserve ‘camp’ during the gold rush and contains many exotic and native specimen trees that correspond to a garden established at the site as early as 1869. The area was declared a Public Gardens Reserve in 1934.

The track is quite short at only 1.1km and is ideal to tackle in combination with the Nardoo Trail along the creek or as an easy, pleasant stroll on its own. Download the overview map here.

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