• View Street Arts Precinct

View Street has been the beating heart of Bendigo’s arts and cultural offerings since 1890 when the architect William Charles Vahland restyled the Volunteer Orderly Room (1867) as a gallery. The Bendigo Art Gallery façade has changed with each new chapter in the city. It’s one of Australia’s oldest and most highly-regarded public galleries, combining heritage and stunning modern extensions to host exhibitions of international significance.

The gallery is in good company. The Capital next door is the former Masonic Hall (1873-74). It was saved from threatened demolition in 1990 to become Bendigo’s performing arts centre and the main theatre is housed in the former ballroom. Today it plays host to theatre and big-name artists. The Engine Room is the former fire station and is the home of intimate, contemporary theatre. Dudley House is a favourite exhibition space of local artists, making it a great place to discover emerging talent. The Bendigo Writers Festival and the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music makes great use of View Street’s venues.

Across the road the La Trobe Arts Institute presents a full program of contemporary art and public lectures, cementing the great relationship between the community and the university.

Experience Bendigo’s renowned local food and wine scene further down View Street at a wealth of much-loved cafes, restaurants and wine bars. Many of these gastronomic highlights are housed in stunning gold rush era buildings, reimagining the past with a modern culinary twist. Shop for antiques, vintage clothing, creative homewares, artisan products and indi labels in the boutique strip. Meet the makers and curators of these independently-owned stores adding another reason to make View Street a must-visit during your time in Bendigo.


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